PRV launches another new service for commercial customers!

PRV locksmiths can do an audit of every lock and door in your facility and set up an online maintenance schedule of all doors.

Here’s how it works-

PRV locksmiths do a complete audit of your facility including photos of every door, documenting of all door hardware including cylinders, stamping and keying.

The information is then placed on our website and accessible via your secure login.

Whenever our locksmiths work on a door we update the door with comments so our customers can see a complete maintenance history of the door.

Customers can click on a door, view the picture and see a list of all the door hardware including locks, door closers, handles, along with the complete maintenance history of the door by our company.

Together with “Key Terminal – the worlds most advanced key management system”, our custom built asset manager makes PRV Locksmiths the perfect choice for managing security at your Sydney facility.