Sydney’s leader at keeping customers informed!

PRV have developed a mobile application for our locksmiths to update our customers on the status of their job. Be sure to give us your email address if you would like to receive updates. Here’s how it works….

Step 1….
When you book a job with us you will be sent a confirmation email of the booking details. You can view the locksmith that is attending, what time they are due to arrive, what the job details are and contact information.

Step 2….
When the locksmith is on his way to your job you will be notified via email that a locksmith will arrive shortly.

Step 3….
When the locksmith arrives it will trigger an email that he has arrived and logs the time and his location.

Step 4….
At the completion of the job you will receive an email informing you on the status of the job. If the job is complete the locksmith will fill out what was done on site. If there needs to be a return visit it will also have a booking for a return date. There is a link on the email to fill out a satisfaction survey which gets forwarded to Mark and Jenny Deans.

All emails have the unique job number (E3 number) in the subject. This number is also your invoice number so you can match times and details of the invoice to all the data from the locksmith. The application also uses GPS tracking to calculate the location of the locksmith when they log on and off to assure you only pay for time spent on site.

Please send us your email address if you would like to take advantage of this service.