Mobotix Cameras installed at PRV Locksmiths Sydney

Number plate recognition is increasing today in vehicle monitoring, tracking and access control. If you would like to discuss how vehicle number plate recognition can help your business please call Mark from PRV Locksmiths

Vehicle Access Control

Centrally managed vehicle access control system for a multiple sites with multiple access points. PRV Locksmiths, Sydney can provide all the tools you need to easily manage the most complex of site access controls scenarios for a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Monitoring and Security

Monitor the comings and going of vehicles in or around your site. With a prepackaged collection of interface options, reports and tools, PRV Locksmiths provides an out-of-the-box solution for vehicle monitoring on the market. Also available as an onsite solution.


Out of the box integration with common online platforms (Reservation and Video monitoring applications). Is your environment and deployment model unique? PRV Locksmiths provides a comprehensive set of Services and APIs to suit your environment as well as full developer support for any additional customisations that may be needed.

Check out our traffic cams here to view cameras on Victoria rd, Rozelle.