Key Management System in Sydney

Need a key management system?

PRV Locksmiths are in the testing stage of our custom built key management system. Next month all PRV Locksmith customers will have access to a state of the art Key management system free of charge.

Built using the latest in web technologies the system will let you manage all aspect of your master key system. Coded in PHP (the same language facebook uses) and using jQuery and bootstrap (developed by the guys at twitter) it is incredibly easy to use! It even works perfectly on your smart phone so you can manage your security on the go.

The system will let you see-

  • all keys that open a particular door
  • all staff/personnel that have access to a particular door
  • doors that a particular key will open
  • doors a staff member has access to
  • who has each key
  • order additional keys direct to your locksmith
  • plus many more features!

If you are about to make a major investment in a master key system make sure you get a quote from PRV Locksmiths Sydney and take advantage of our free key management system.