How do you become a locksmith?

Ever wondered how you become a qualified locksmith?

To become a qualified locksmith in Sydney and in most, if not all states in Australia, you need to complete an apprenticeship. The first step involves gaining employment with a qualified and licensed locksmith business. Once employed your boss will have criminal record checks done and enrol you at TAFE at the start of the next calendar year.

An apprenticeship goes for 4 years. For the first 3 years you work for the company 4 days a week and attend TAFE one day a week. In the last year you work full time at the company and gain experience on the road.

Once qualified you can start your own business, stay employed at the same business or progress into other fields. Completing a locksmith apprenticeship in Australia can lead to many other career opportunities. Many locksmiths continue training in electronic security, CCTV, security management, consulting, hardware sales or travel overseas to work as a locksmith as Australian locksmiths have the highest standard of training in the world.