Beware of Sydney Locksmith Franchises!

Beware of Locksmith Franchises

Australia has recently been introduced to locksmith franchising. Most Australians would expect to recieve a qualified locksmith (4 year apprenticeship) turn up to their home when they call a locksmith business. However the worlds biggest locksmith franchise company has arrived in Australia boasting you can own a locksmith franchise with as little as 2 weeks training! Now they call this training “intense” however it is impossible to cram 4 years of training into 2 weeks.

If you are locked out in Sydney and call one of these inexperienced franchises you will more than likely end up with someone who hasn’t developed the skills nessesary to pick locks. What you end up with is destructive opening requiring new locks and you will pay alot more than initially quoted.

PRV Lockmsiths in Sydney only employ qualified locksmiths for our customers and our apprentices are trained for 4 years, not 2 weeks!