Key Terminal list of latest updates

The following is a list of updates added to Key Terminal due to feedback from the industry.

  • Signature pad to sign keys out via a tablet or phone
  • Add a return date for issuing temporary keys
  • Group keys onto key rings
  • Access grid to see an overview of the keying matrix
  • Issue keys to unlimited key cabinets and hooks
  • Add pictures and or maps

This is along with Key Terminal’s already comprehensive list of features including –

  • Individual security settings for each login
  • Unlimited key systems
  • Unlimited users to access simultaneously from unlimited locations
  • Never need to update system when locksmith makes changes
  • Accessible from unlimited locations (not limited to a network or VPN)
  • Compatible from all platforms including Windows, Mac, smart phones and tablets
  • Record lost and broken keys
  • Easily see what doors are vulnerable when losing a key
  • Unrivalled search capabilities
  • Ability to click through to related data
  • A detailed report of the system from the main page
  • Links directly to your locksmith
  • Updates done automatically
  • Unlimited issues and returns

If Key Terminal doesn’t have a feature that a competing product has, Key Terminal will guarantee to add it within 4 weeks!